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Explore past collaborations and projects! Includes testimonials describing the experience of working with me. Interested in full sound packages for a project? Want to hear the work associated with the film Email info@danielfarrell.com for more information and a link to a private portfolio.

Two Tickets to Mars Short Film - 2020


Role: Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer, Composer

Director:  Kavita Parekh  |  Producers:  Reid Hannaford & Maddy Mock |  Location: New York, NY

Coming Soon


THE RiNG: Short Film - 2020


Role: Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer, Composer

Director:  Gerardo De La Teja  |  Producer: Gerardo De La Teja |  Location: Appleton, WI

Coming Soon


Still Here: Musical Short Film - 2020


Role: Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer, MIDI Programming & Additional Mixing

"Coming Soon"

Director:  Kaye Tuckerman |  Production Company: MT Shorts  |  Location: New York, NY


5 Minutes: Short Film - 2020


Role: Sound Editor & Re-Recording Mixer

​"A young black man wakes up after having a one-night-stand with an older gentleman and encounters unwanted sexual advances."

Director:  Erin Ramirez  |  Producers: Erin Nene-Lee Ramirez & Donovan Tolledo |  Location: New York, NY


"Daniel was a pleasure to work with in the post-production process for our film. His sense of professionalism and wealth of knowledge in the art of sound editing and mixing were truly unparalleled. His efficiency, stellar communication, and strong dedication to the project, made him an excellent collaborator. I look forward to working with Daniel on future projects and receiving his acute input during the post-production process again. Our film wouldn’t have been the same without him. Thank you, Daniel for all of your hard work and exceptional talent."


- Erin Ramirez : Writer & Director

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