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Two Tickets to Mars

Short Film


Director: Kavita Parekh | Producers: Reid Hannaford & Maddy Mock | Location: New York, NY

"Two Tickets to Mars sets out to explore the inner mania of a young woman as she asks for the ultimate commitment."


Winner at Music City Film Festival - Best Narrative Short Drama
Winner at The IndieFest Film Awards - Best Student Film
Selection at 2021 Austin Film Festival
Selection at LA Student Film Festival
Selection at Female Filmmakers Fuse Film Festival
Selection at Blackbird Film Festival
Recipient of Makower Family Post Production Grant


“It was a great experience working with Daniel to compose the score for my short film. Not only is he talented at what he does - writing music - but the artistic conversations around the goal of the film and the score were a real joy. He really found what the emotional vein of the film was for him and provided beautiful drafts to work from. The revision process was collaborative and insightful. It seemed very important to him to understand what I was looking for, and where my vocabulary lacked, he worked hard to find the sound I was happy with. Would definitely recommend directors to seriously consider Daniel for their projects!"

- Kavita Parekh, Director

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