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The Inheritance

Short Film


Director: Aimee Elizabeth Bubblis | Production Company: Hardest Step Productions | Location: New Orleans, LA

"A son returns home to his sister after the death of their father. What he discovers will change their lives forever."



"Daniel Farrell is an absolute pleasure to work with! He was so involved from the beginning. He communicated very well, and diligently even though we worked miles away in New Orleans, LA. Daniel worked with us to get an exceptional score as efficiently as possible. The score itself is beautiful and really accents the story in all the right ways. He is able to really understand how to accentuate the plot and themes of the film through his music. Our film has dark themes, and the music was such a crucial part of telling this story. Thankfully,
Daniel was keyed into every aspect of the story and it really showed through the score. I had an exceptional experience working with this extremely talented artist, and I look forward to working with him again in the future."

- Aimee Elizabeth Bubblis : Director

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