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Short Film


Director: Jung Yoong Kang | Producers: So Jin Han & Hugh Kang | Location: New York, NY

"A Dream Researcher uses his ill son, Mason, as a subject for dream performance. Blinded by money and fame, the Father crosses the line."


Winner at Independent Shorts Awards - Best Sci-Fi Short
Finalist at IndieX Film Fest - Best Sci-Fi Short
Selection at Indie Short Fest


"Working with Daniel was like getting therapy. At our first meeting we discussed the possible options for the score for my short film, Paternitas. He knew right away what kind of sounds and scores he could couple with my film to make it greater. While having a strong opinion on how he should approach this project, he respected my opinion as a director and tried his best to make this whole thing a collaborative experience. As we filled up the puzzles and put the cues in, the film became fuller and more dynamic. Emotional curves started to work, and everything seemed to be more natural. It was a great experience to see how audio and visual meet to become one collaborative piece. I will definitely work with Daniel again for my future projects. His professionalism and thoroughness will never be forgotten. Thank you Daniel!!"

- Jung Yoong Kang : Writer & Director

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