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Short Film


Director: Emerson Duggan | Producer: Rob Henderson | Location: New York, NY

"A young man, Calvin, has until five o'clock to make an overdue payment of $800. In New York City, you do what you can to survive."


Selection at 2019 New Visions & Voices Festival

Selection at 2019 LA Short Film Festival

Selection at 2019 Feel The Reel International Film Fest
Winner of 2019 Feel the Reel International Film Fest: Best Student Film

Selection at 2019 Indie Short Fest

Selection at 2019 LA Independent Film Festival Awards


"Daniel's professional attitude, passion for scoring, and his versatile musical talents made working with him a great experience. I found that working together with him was truly collaborative as he would present ideas while still respecting and retain my own vision for the project. He always makes himself available and a pleasure to work with. I can confidently say he elevated my film to another level and that I would happily work with him again."

- Emerson Duggan : Writer & Director

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