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Short Film


Director: Patrick Farrell & Michael Csorba | Production Company: Four22 Films | Location: Jacksonville, FL

"Eddie, a reserved college student, goes about his day wearing a mask: a smile drawn on a box worn over his head. Through an introspective experience in which he learns to let go of his past, Eddie takes off the box and embraces his true emotional state."



Selection at 2020 Orlando International Film Festival, Orlando, FL

Selection at 2020 Central Florida Shortnight, Orlando, FL
Winner of 2020 Central Florida Shortnight: Best of Florida
Nominated for 2020 Central Florida Shortnight: Best Cinematography
Nominated for 2020 Central Florida Shortnight: Best Sound

Selection at 2020 Long Story Shorts International Film Festival, Romania

Selection at 2020 Indie Short Fest - LA International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA

Selection at 2019 Rendezvous Film Festival, Amelia Island, FL
Nominated for 2019 Rendezvous Film Festival: Best Statement Film

Selection at 2019 Phin Film Festival, Jacksonville, FL
Winner of 2019 Phin Film Festival: Best Picture
Winner of 2019 Phin Film Festival: Best Cinematography
Winner of 2019 Phin Film Festival: Best Directing


"Working with my brother was always going to be a fun collaboration, but I never expected it to be the artistic workshop that it was. Daniel was able to work at an incredibly efficient level where neither quantity nor quality were sacrificed, and the end result was a score that had integrity in every second of music and silence. With both of us being musicians, working through spotting sessions and reviewing cues was like playing a creative ping-pong match: each of us bouncing thematic, tonal, and musical ideas off the other. But at the center of A Happy Smile’s score is Daniel’s understanding, appreciation, and patronage to film. When I listen to what he created, I envision a world of isolation, struggle, and resolution. Daniel is far beyond his years and a true visionary when it comes to the impact of music in film; his compositions capturing every essence of what the film is about. What really puts Daniel above many other young film composers is that he is not just another cog in the machine, he is an artist that loves and respects film and wants to take both his music and your picture to a heightened level of intellectual and creative distinction. I look forward to more of his work and collaborations with him in the near future."

- Patrick Farrell : Director, Writer, and Producer

"Daniel’s work on A Happy Smile blew me away. Patrick and I had high expectations for the end result of this project, and we knew from pre-production that music was going to play an integral part to this short film. After sending Daniel a temp track of an idea for what Patrick and I had in mind for the score, Daniel’s professionalism, creativity, and passion truly came through. He developed a soundtrack for this film that brought Eddie, our main character, to life. It was everything Patrick and I had expected, and more. His professionalism and organization throughout the scoring process made listening to new cues simple and easy. Daniel allowed our story to come to life in the best way possible, and I am so appreciative that I had the opportunity to collaborate with him on this project."

- Michael Csorba : Director and Co-Producer

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