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Daniel Farrell

Daniel Farrell

Composer & Sound Specialist

often praised for his innovative soundscapes and impactful melodies — elements that have consistently elevated visual media to new emotional heights...

Don't make that mistake.

Get music for your projects.


“Without music,
  life would be a mistake


-Friedrich Nietzsche

sound & Audio

audio editing, sound design, and mixing for every stage of a project


custom music for film, television, podcast, or gaming projects

Concert & STAGE

full concert works available for live performances and recordings


stream your favorite music from Daniel Farrell

Score Keepers

Hosted by Daniel Farrell

Explore the realm of modern music with Daniel Farrell and guests as they dive into the heart of artistic expression, sharing candid conversations and insights that unravel the threads of creativity.




 It was a great experience to see how audio and visual meet to become one collaborative piece...

Jung Yoong Kang
Writer & Director 


Where my vocabulary lacked, Daniel worked hard to find the sound I was happy with...

Screenshot 2021-11-23 at 16-29-44 Angel Garcia_edited.jpg

Working with Daniel has brought me new insight into what a great composer looks like...

Kavita Parekh
Writer & Director
Two Tickets to Mars

Angel Garcia
Writer & Director
Antonio Bellaire

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