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the best sound for the best stories

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A.D.A.M Album
Releasing 06/05

Daniel Farrell

Daniel Farrell

Composer & Sound Specialist

Known for his innovative soundscapes and impactful melodies, Daniel Farrell is a rising talent in the world of film and media music....

Don't make that mistake.

Get music for your projects.


“Without music,
  life would be a mistake


-Friedrich Nietzsche


audio editing, sound design, mixing, music and more for every style of show

sound & Audio

audio editing, sound design, and mixing for every stage of a project


custom music for film, television, streaming, podcast, or gaming projects

Concert & STAGE

full concert works available for live performances and recordings


stream your favorite music from Daniel Farrell



 It was a great experience to see how audio and visual meet to become one collaborative piece...

Jung Yoong Kang
Writer & Director 


Where my vocabulary lacked, Daniel worked hard to find the sound I was happy with...

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Working with Daniel has brought me new insight into what a great composer looks like...

Kavita Parekh
Writer & Director
Two Tickets to Mars

Angel Garcia
Writer & Director
Antonio Bellaire

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