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Known for his innovative soundscapes and impactful melodies, Daniel Farrell is a rising talent in the world of film and media music. Daniel’s music has been heard in feature films, shorts, television, podcasts, and videogames. He recently completed the original score for the feature film Fade In: a film about two latinx and muslim women who fall in love and the social ramifications it has on their families. His work for post-production sound (editing, design/foley, mixing) has led him to win praise for his technical skill. He has composed the original themes for several podcast series including The Backlight Podcast and Things (Un)Said. Daniel’s music for the concert stage has seen performances at festivals across the globe. He is the recipient of several awards; most notably the Chamber Music OC’s 2018 Emerging Artist award. Daniel holds a Master of Music in Screen Scoring from New York University and a Bachelor of Music in Music Composition & Theory from Jacksonville University. He currently works locally and remotely from his residence in New York, NY. Daniel works as Head of Audio & Audio Curator for the royalty-free library Motion Array (part of the Artlist family).

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Faint Glow

Jung Yoong Kang,

Writer & Director - Paternitas

"Working with Daniel was like getting therapy. At our first meeting we discussed the possible options for the score for my short film, Paternitas. He knew right away what kind of sounds and scores he could couple with my film to make it greater. While having a strong opinion on how he should approach this project, he respected my opinion as a director and tried his best to make this whole thing a collaborative experience. As we filled up the puzzles and put the cues in, the film became fuller and more dynamic. Emotional curves started to work, and everything seemed to be more natural. It was a great experience to see how audio and visual meet to become one collaborative piece. I will definitely work with Daniel again for my future projects. His professionalism and thoroughness will never be forgotten. Thank you Daniel!!"


Aimee Elizabeth Bubblis,

Director - The Inheritance

Daniel Farrell is an absolute pleasure to work with! He was so involved from the beginning. He communicated very well, and diligently even though we worked miles away in New Orleans, LA. Daniel worked with us to get an exceptional score as efficiently as possible. The score itself is beautiful and really accents the story in all the right ways. He is able to really understand how to accentuate the plot and themes of the film through his music. Our film has dark themes, and the music was such a crucial part of telling this story. Thankfully, Daniel was keyed into every aspect of the story and it really showed through the score. I had an exceptional experience working with this extremely talented artist, and I look forward to working with him again in the future."

Erin Ramirez,

Writer & Director - 5 Minutes

"Daniel was a pleasure to work with in the post-production process for our film. His sense of professionalism and wealth of knowledge in the art of sound editing and mixing were truly unparalleled. His efficiency, stellar communication, and strong dedication to the project, made him an excellent collaborator. I look forward to working with Daniel on future projects and receiving his acute input during the post-production process again. Our film wouldn’t have been the same without him. Thank you, Daniel for all of your hard work and exceptional talent."