You Are It - Violin with Fixed Audio (Op. 19)


“The narration for this piece is taken from one of Alan Watts's famous lectures discussing East Asian beliefs. This narration served as the inspiration for the style of this work; combining East Asian musical stylings with electronic music elements and rustic violin playing. The text of the narration reads as follows:

"The Universe is a Drama.
The World is not made it is Acted.
And so, behind every face - human, animal, plant, mineral
there is the face - or non-face
of the Central Self - the Atman, which is Brahman;
the Final Reality
You Are It."

Violin with Fixed Audio
Intermediate Difficulty

PDF of Original 9x12 Size Score (For Professional Printing)
PDF of Reduced 8.5x11 Size Score (For Printing at Home/Practice Parts)
Backing Electronic Track

You Are It - Violin with Fixed Audio (Op. 19)