String Quartet No. 1 "The Absurd" - (Op. 13)


"This piece for String Quartet explores Albert Camus’s The Stranger. Each movement tries to capture not only plot, but also the complex philosophy of the Absurd. Absurdism is a philosophy that explains the human condition and our purpose in life. Unlike Existentialism, which empowers the individual to create purpose, or Nihilism, that asserts the meaninglessness of life, Absurdism is a middle ground philosophy asserting that an individual is stuck in a meaninglessness existence – but that one must still live passionately with a strong love for life while fighting society and the conditions of that meaninglessness. This complex idea is translated musically by the numerous occasions of a C Major chord followed by one voice moving to a G#. This tension is never resolved throughout the majority of the work and the harmonic spelling of that G# is maintained consistently."

Advanced Intermediate Difficulty

PDF of Original 9x12 Size Score and Parts (For Professional Printing)
PDF of Reduced 8.5x11 Size Score and Parts (For Printing at Home/Practice Parts)

String Quartet No. 1 "The Absurd" - (Op. 13)