Puppet Show - Duet for Two Bb Clarinets (Op. 22)


“Puppet Show explores the concept of assigning character roles to performers with, in this case, each Clarinetist becoming the Puppet or the Puppeteer. This three movement piece, follows the story of a Puppet craving to be free from its master. The first movement, showcases a comedic and rebellious entrance by the Puppet. But, the Puppeteer swiftly commands authority and demonstrates that they are the one in charge. The second movement explores the Puppet’s longing to be free and real. The final movement is adventurous and exciting, as the Puppet breaks free from its strings and becomes free at last.”

Winner of the 2018 Chamber Music OC's "Emerging Artist" Prize
Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra Call for Scores 2018-2019 Finalist

Two Bb Clarinets

Advanced Intermediate Difficulty

PDF of Original 9x12 Size Score (For Professional Printing)
PDF of Reduced 8.5x11 Size Score (For Printing at Home/Practice Parts)

Puppet Show - Duet for Two Bb Clarinets (Op. 22)