Alone Divided - Duet for Two Percussionists (Op. 24)


“Alone Divided is an exciting duet for two mixed-percussion set-ups. Using identical instrumental set-ups and a mixture of solo, contrapuntal, and unison playing, this piece explores what it means to be alone and what it means to be divided. The audience hears music meant to evoke aggression, but also peace – as being alone and divided is not always an idea derived from aggression. The piece contains two central musical ideas, an 11 beat rhythmic pattern and a melodic theme (first introduced in the vibraphone). Both of these ideas are developed and transposed across multiple instruments (both pitched and unpitched), all evoking various concepts of being alone and divided.


Originally Commissioned for the 2018"Valencia International Performance Academy and Festival (VIPA)" in Valencia, Spain.


Two Percussionists

Intermediate Difficulty

PDF of Original 9x12 Size Score (For Professional Printing)
PDF of Reduced 8.5x11 Size Score (For Printing at Home/Practice Parts)

Alone Divided - Duet for Two Percussionists (Op. 24)