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Explore past collaborations and projects! Includes testimonials describing the experience of working with me. Interested in a score for your project? Email info@danielfarrell.com

Fade In: Feature Film - 2020


"A Latina filmmaker develops an attraction to her Muslim schoolmate & fallout occurs when their friends & family discover the relationship."

Director:  Jaiden Thompson  |  Producers: Emily Freire |  Location: New York, NY


Selection at 2020 Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival, Atlanta, GA


The Inheritance: Short Film - 2019


"A son returns home to his sister after the death of their father. What he discovers will change their lives forever."

Director:  Aimee Elizabeth Bubblis  |  Production Company: Hardest Step Productions  |  Location: New Orleans, LA

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"Daniel Farrell is an absolute pleasure to work with! He was so involved from the beginning. He communicated very well, and diligently even though we worked miles away in New Orleans, LA. Daniel worked with us to get an exceptional score as efficiently as possible. The score itself is beautiful and really accents the story in all the right ways. He is able to really understand how to accentuate the plot and themes of the film through his music. Our film has dark themes, and the music was such a crucial part of telling this story. Thankfully,
Daniel was keyed into every aspect of the story and it really showed through the score. I had an exceptional experience working with this extremely talented artist, and I look forward to working with him again in the future."


- Aimee Elizabeth Bubblis : Director

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EIGHT HUNDRED: Short Film - 2019


"A young man, Calvin, has until five o'clock to make an overdue payment of $800. In New York City, you do what you can to survive."

Director: Emerson Duggan   |     Producer: Rob Henderson    |     Location: New York, NY

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"Daniel's professional attitude, passion for scoring, and his versatile musical talents made working with him a great experience.  I found that working together with him was truly collaborative as he would present ideas while still respecting and retain my own vision for the project. He always makes himself available and a pleasure to work with.  I can confidently say he elevated my film to another level and that I would happily work with him again."


- Emerson Duggan : Writer & Director

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Selection at 2019 New Visions & Voices Festival

  • Finalist

Selection at 2019 LA Short Film Festival

Selection at 2019 Feel The Reel International Film Fest

  • Winner of 2019 Feel the Reel International Film Fest: Best Student Film

Selection at 2019 Indie Short Fest

  • Finalist

Selection at 2019 LA Independent Film Festival Awards

  • Semi-Finalist




"A 16 year old nearly homeless girl and her 10 year old brother have to find a way to adjust to the changing landscape of Harlem."

Director: Oniffe White      |     Production Company: Abeng Studios    |     Location: New York, NY

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"Daniel is a hardworking and talented composer. When he lent his musical voice to this film it elevated it to a whole new level."


- Oniffe White : Director,

Writer, and Producer

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Selection at 2019 Chelsea Film Festival, New York, NY

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A HAPPY SMILE: Short Film - 2019


"Eddie, a reserved college student, goes about his day wearing a mask: a smile drawn on a box worn over his head. Through an introspective experience in which he learns to let go of his past, Eddie takes off the box and embraces his true emotional state."

Director: Patrick Farrell & Michael Csorba      |     Production Company: Four22 Films    |     Location: Jacksonville, FL

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"Working with my brother was always going to be a fun collaboration, but I never expected it to be the artistic workshop that it was. Daniel was able to work at an incredibly efficient level where neither quantity nor quality were sacrificed, and the end result was a score that had integrity in every second of music and silence. With both of us being musicians, working through spotting sessions and reviewing cues was like playing a creative ping-pong match: each of us bouncing thematic, tonal, and musical ideas off the other. But at the center of A Happy Smile’s score is Daniel’s understanding, appreciation, and patronage to film. When I listen to what he created, I envision a world of isolation, struggle, and resolution. Daniel is far beyond his years and a true visionary when it comes to the impact of music in film; his compositions capturing every essence of what the film is about. What really puts Daniel above many other young film composers is that he is not just another cog in the machine, he is an artist that loves and respects film and wants to take both his music and your picture to a heightened level of intellectual and creative distinction. I look forward to more of his work and collaborations with him in the near future."


- Patrick Farrell : Director,

Writer, and Producer

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"Daniel’s work on A Happy Smile blew me away.  Patrick and I had high expectations for the end result of this project, and we knew from pre-production that music was going to play an integral part to this short film.  After sending Daniel a temp track of an idea for what Patrick and I had in mind for the score, Daniel’s professionalism, creativity, and passion truly came through.  He developed a soundtrack for this film that brought Eddie, our main character, to life.  It was everything Patrick and I had expected, and more.  His professionalism and organization throughout the scoring process made listening to new cues simple and easy.  Daniel allowed our story to come to life in the best way possible, and I am so appreciative that I had the opportunity to collaborate with him on this project."


- Michael Csorba : Director and Co-Producer

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Selection at 2020 Orlando International Film Festival, Orlando, FL

Selection at 2020 Central Florida Shortnight, Orlando, FL

  • Winner of 2020 Central Florida Shortnight: Best of Florida

  • Nominated for 2020 Central Florida Shortnight: Best Cinematography

  • Nominated for 2020 Central Florida Shortnight: Best Sound

Selection at 2020 Long Story Shorts International Film Festival, Romania

Selection at 2020 Indie Short Fest - LA International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA

  • Semi-Finalist

Selection at 2019 Rendezvous Film Festival, Amelia Island, FL

  • Nominated for 2019 Rendezvous Film Festival: Best Statement Film

Selection at 2019 Phin Film Festival, Jacksonville, FL

  • Winner of 2019 Phin Film Festival: Best Picture

  • Winner of 2019 Phin Film Festival: Best Cinematography

  • Winner of 2019 Phin Film Festival: Best Directing

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Antonio Bellaire: Short Film - 2019

"Antonio, a Hispanic male, wants to start a new life with his girlfriend Kimberly; unfortunately, Antonio's family has other plans for his future."


Director: Angel Garcia      |     Production Company: Angel Noah Productions     |     Location: Los Angeles, CA

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"Daniel Farrell is a wonderful composer. He really takes the time to understand the mood and feelings of the scenes; additionally, he brings his creativity forming an epic sound to fit the needs. He is efficient and works diligently with you on your time schedule. Working with him on my short, has brought me new insight to what a great composer looks like. Thank you for all your help Daniel, it was a pleasure and honor working with you."


- Angel Garcia : Director,

Writer, and Producer

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Selection at 2020 Indie Short Fest - LA International Film Festival, Los Angeles, CA

  • Semi-Finalist

Selection at 2020 Prague International Indie Film Festival, Prague, Czech Republic

  • Best Director

  • Best Short


Grilled: Short Film - 2018


"Two siblings argue about what they deserve to get after they find out their absent father has died on Christmas."
Featured in the Jacksonville Short Film Festival (2017) and the Rendezvous Short Film Festival (2018).

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Selection at 2018 Rendezvous Film Festival, Amelia Island, FL

Selection at 2018 Jacksonville Short Film Showcase, Jacksonville, FL


War and Peace: Short Film  - 2017


This was a short film done for the Jacksonville University Confluence on the theme War and Peace. It was done in collaboration with the Jacksonville University Ceramics Program. The film was projected onto their ceramic artwork.


Dante: The Pilgrim - Visual Development on an Imagined Animated Series -2017


This was a commissioned project from Aprilyn Cunanan, a senior animation major from Jacksonville University.  This film is meant to emulate what an opening credits would look like for an animated series.

"My chair committee professor expressed worry that my art style did not match the serious subject matter I had planned for this thesis animation. But Daniel's original score completed the tone and atmospheric sound of the project, giving it a coherent inflection of adventure and danger. As I am not so familiar with music, Daniel was not only extremely helpful and flexible to my requests, but also exceedingly informative of an industry standard expected in music that I had no idea was so important. Dante The Pilgrim was enhanced by Daniel's superb performance to tackle any challenges a client might expect of him."

- Aprilyn Cunanan : Creator

Animator and Illustrator

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Luminous - Videogame Beta - 2017


This was commissioned from Christy Wallace and Cleo Brock, senior art majors at Jacksonville University, for a videogame beta.

"Daniel Farrell was a wonderful composer to work with, as he was incredibly prompt and efficient in producing music for his clients. He met all deadlines without any issues, and was open to criticism and changing aspects of the music he composed if we were unhappy with it. He handled himself professionally as we worked with him, and the music he produced was created with thorough consideration. I specifically appreciate the interest he showed in the video game he was making music for, and the effort he put into understanding the story and environments so that he could create music to match it. He paid close attention to details and as such, came up with terrific songs well suited to our needs."

- Christy Wallace: Co-Creator

Technical Artist and Programmer

"Working with Daniel Farrell was a breeze. He is incredibly talented and courageous in his compositions, that it took no more than a few songs from his website to help us decide to use his work in our project. He was flexible with meeting times, and was more than prompt in his delivery of music.
He worked at such a high quality that I even suggested him to others as well. I am so pleased
with how easily he could fit our theme and mood after only seeing a few concept images. A pleasure to collaborate with and it is an honor to use his work in our game."

- Cleo Brock: Co-Creator

Asset Designer and Illustrator


Paternitas: Short Film - 2019


"A Dream Researcher uses his ill son, Mason, as a subject for dream performance. Blinded by money and fame, the Father crosses the line."

Director:  Jung Yoong Kang  |  Producers: So Jin Han & Hugh Kang  |  Location: New York, NY

"Working with Daniel was like getting therapy. At our first meeting we discussed the possible options for the score for my short film, Paternitas. He knew right away what kind of sounds and scores he could couple with my film to make it greater. While having a strong opinion on how he should approach this project, he respected my opinion as a director and tried his best to make this whole thing a collaborative experience. As we filled up the puzzles and put the cues in, the film became fuller and more dynamic. Emotional curves started to work, and everything seemed to be more natural. It was a great experience to see how audio and visual meet to become one collaborative piece. I will definitely work with Daniel again for my future projects. His professionalism and thoroughness will never be forgotten. Thank you Daniel!!"


- Jung Yoong Kang : Writer & Director

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