Solo Voice

A Little Nut-Tree - Soprano with Piano (Op. 4)

"Funny and light, this piece explores the colorful words of Roald Dahl’s comical poem. Based on an old poem, Dahl twists the end of the poem to create a hilarious twist to the original story. Musically, the piece follows this example with an abrupt and fun ending." Soprano with Piano Words by Roald Dahl Early Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Currently Unavailable for Purchase

That Holy Dream - Soprano with Piano (Op. 1)

"An evocative setting of one of E.A Poe's most haunting poems. The highly chromatic lines are powerfully beautiful and perfectly display the haunting sadness of the text. Ideal literature for advanced college students and professionals" Soprano with Piano Words by Edgar Allan Poe Advanced Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($4.99)

Rain - Baritone with Piano (Op. 5)

"This blues inspired art-song explores the colorful imagery of African-American poet Langston Hughes. The piece explores swing and jazz harmony with contemporary meter changes and rhythmic developments. It will make any vocalist develop contemporary musical stylings." Baritone with Piano
Words by Langston Hughes Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Currently Unavailable for Purchase

The Moon - Soprano with Piano (Op. 11)

"This eerie, yet beautiful song, showcases the many "faces" of the moon. From its darkness and deadness, to its beauty and luminescence. The Moon highlights a sweet relationship between the Soprano and the Piano, and sometimes a cacophonous reflection of the conflict of these two "faces". This work also highlights the range of the soprano, various colors of the piano, and text painting that reflects the two "faces" of the moon in the two main tonalities, b and e minor. Great for any developing vocalist who wishes to expand their range" Winner of the 2017 “New Music on the Bayou” Call for Scores

Soprano with Piano
Words by James Stephens Advanced Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($5.99)


Rose - Soprano & Tenor Soloists with SATB Choir (Op. 2)

"A compilation of great western poetry set to a dark, but hopeful musical setting. The three texts are combined to create a compelling story between both soloists and the choir. Rose is unique in its approach to text painting and combining of texts. Perfect for a developing choir as a challenging work. Perfect for concerts and festivals"

Soprano and Tenor Soloists with SATB Choir

Soprano Soloist Words by Emily Dickenson
Tenor Soloist Words by William Butler Yeats
SATB Choir Words by William Blake

Intermediate Difficulty
Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($4.99)

Baby's Dance - SSATB Choir (Op. 3)

"A simple and fun piece for choir. Features rich counterpoint and fun, child-like melodies to perfectly set this old lullaby poem. Perfect for lower level community and school choirs"
Words by Ann Taylor
Early Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($3.99)

Winter Winds - SATB Choir with Piano (Op. 15)

Winter Winds attempts to paint a bleak and harsh setting of the text in its opening passage, essentially evoking the harshness of winter. As the text becomes more uplifting and hopeful, the music reflects this. Winter Winds explores several contemporary techniques including Sprechstimme and wind noises. Several aleatoric elements are included, and the ending of the work is a retrograde of the beginning. Winter Winds attains a modern sound, but with strong Neo-Romantic elements. ” SATB Choir with Piano

Intermediate Difficulty

Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($5.99)

Solo Piano

Prelude and Fugue No. 1 in f minor - (Op. 12)

“Prelude and Fugue No. 1 attempts to capture the sound and stylings of Bach's Preludes and Fugues. This is accomplished by more rigid counterpoint and voicings following the conventions of 18th century counterpoint.”

Solo Piano
Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($3.99)

Prelude and Fugue No. 2 in a minor - (Op. 14)

“Prelude and Fugue No. 2 follows many of the traditions created by Bach, but develops them with a 21st century language. Inspired by the writings of Shostakovich, Daniel Farrell develops a Prelude and Fugue pair that share a common motivic idea. The Prelude features harmonic ambiguity and introduces several ideas to be found within the Fugue. The Fugue is a four voice, double fugue infused with chromatic saturation and a tonal language at home within the 21st century. The slower middle section introduces the second fugue subject, while the first fugue subject, in retrograde, becomes the new countersubject. The two subjects are featured in stretto at the end of the piece in a dramatic finish.”

Solo Piano
Advanced Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($5.99)

Piano Fantasy - (Op. 8)

"A simple and pretty piece, Piano Fantasy is designed for young players to explore counterpoint and songlike melodies"

Solo Piano

Early Intermediate Difficulty

Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($1.99)

Dodecaphonic Duo - Two Twelve-Tone Miniatures (Op. 23)

“The Jacksonville University composition studio was tasked with creating a twelve-tone row (called the “JU Row”), and subsequently structing twelve-tone pieces using said row – but in their own unique voices. These two miniatures of contrasting tempi and style, each demonstrate the “JU Row””:

D – Eb – G – F# – A – C# – F – B – C – Bb – E – Ab

Solo Piano

Intermediate Difficulty

Purchase (previews available):
Daniel Farrell Music Store ($2.99)

Solo Instrumental

First Suite for Percussion - (Op. 18) Solos for Snare Drum, Timpani, and Vibraphone

“This short collection of percussion solos explores difficult, yet fun, musical material for the soloist. Each solo contains a singular musical idea that is explored and developed through the use of idiomatic, but challenging, techniques for each instrument.”
Solos for Snare Drum, Timpani, and Vibraphone
Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($5.99)

Dance Suite Variations - Bb Trumpet with Piano (Op. 10)

"Inspired by Beethoven's various variation works for the piano, Dance Suite Variations takes those very same techniques but applies them, instead, to the Trumpet. Structured like a baroque-era dance suite, but featuring many contemporary dance styles from both American and Latin cultures, Dance Suite Variations is a stylistically new piece that reflects the rich history of music from around the globe. Perfect to expand trumpet range and stylistic awareness"

Trumpet with Piano
Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($4.99)

Cello Sonata No. 1 in G Major - (Op. 16)

"Although divided into three movements and following the traditional sonata structure, Cello Sonata No. 1 explores several contemporary elements. The first movement features musical material inspired by the minimalist ideas of the twentieth century. The second movement features lush, rubato material that allows the soloist to have freedom of expression. The final movement features a cadenza demonstrating the playing prowess of the soloist. Musical material from the first movement returns in the final movement developed and expanded. Cello Sonata No. 1 is a challenging, but expressive selection."

Violoncello with Piano

Advanced Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($8.99)

You Are It - Violin with Fixed Audio (Op. 19)

"The narration for this piece is taken from one of Alan Watts's famous lectures discussing East Asian beliefs. This narration served as the inspiration for the style of this work; combining East Asian musical stylings with electronic music elements and rustic violin playing. The text of the narration reads as follows: "The Universe is a Drama. The World is not made it is Acted. And so, behind every face - human, animal, plant, mineral there is the face - or non-face of the Central Self - the Atman, which is Brahman; the Final Reality and You Are It." Violin with Fixed Audio Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music ($4.99)


Rebel: A Satirical Commentary on Contemporary Music - String Trio (Op. 6)

"An ironic satire of contemporary music, Rebel is an appreciation of the sensibilities of older music. Perfect for an advanced developing collegiate ensemble"

Violin, Viola, and Violoncello
Advanced Intermediate Difficulty Purchase: Daniel Farrell Music Store ($2.99)

Brass Quintet No. 1 "Dante's Journey"- (Op. 9)

"This piece explores The Divine Comedy’s Dante’s epic journey from Earth to Heaven. The Prelude follows the old tradition of praising the Muses (Ancient Greek Gods of Music and Art) before telling a story. It introduces themes for the Muses, Beatrice, and Dante. The Prelude ends with introducing the Trumpet solo Stars theme. Inferno develops the characters’ themes and introduces Virgil’s theme (Dante’s guide). Purgatorio opens with a sad farewell to Virgil. Dante’s and Beatrice’s themes meet and combine as they are lovers and she guides him. Paradiso opens with the return of the Stars theme now fully developed as Dante explores the planets and heavens. Beatrice leaves Dante, and St. Bernard replaces her as his guide (musically represented by the hymn tune: St. Ag­nes). Dante’s theme returns in the Trumpets as it heroically leads into a dramatic Grand Pause meant to evoke the infiniteness of God. The final bars are a tradition plagal cadence as Dante accepts God and enters Heaven. A challenging selection for any brass ensemble"

Winner of the 2016 “New Music on the Bayou” Call for Scores

Trumpet, Trumpet, Horn, Trombone, Tuba

Advanced Difficulty

Purchase (previews available):
Daniel Farrell Music Store ($14.99)

The Cycle - Mixed Ensemble with Fixed Video (Op. 17) Violin, Trombone, Piano, Percussion

"The Cycle is a musical exploration of the cycle of the seasons. Accompanying a silent film, The Cycle demonstrates the seasons of Barrow, Alaska. This small town experiences the incoming sea ice every winter, and this video is a time lapse of that town over the course of an entire year. The Cycle is based around limited pitch material, principally two groupings of C - Db - Eb - E – G & C - B - Bb - G - F - F# (and enharmonic equivalents). In addition to these groupings, The Cycle also explores contemporary extended techniques for the players.”

Violin, Trombone, Piano, and Percussion with Fixed Video

Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($7.99)

String Quartet No. 1 "The Absurd" - (Op. 13)

"This piece for String Quartet explores Albert Camus’s The Stranger. Each movement tries to capture not only plot, but also the complex philosophy of the Absurd. Absurdism is a philosophy that explains the human condition and our purpose in life. Unlike Existentialism, which empowers the individual to create purpose, or Nihilism, that asserts the meaninglessness of life, Absurdism is a middle ground philosophy asserting that an individual is stuck in a meaninglessness existence – but that one must still live passionately with a strong love for life while fighting society and the conditions of that meaninglessness. This complex idea is translated musically by the numerous occasions of a C Major chord followed by one voice moving to a G#. This tension is never resolved throughout the majority of the work and the harmonic spelling of that G# is maintained consistently."

String Quartet

Advanced Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($14.99)

Puppet Show - Duet for Two Bb Clarinets (Op. 22)

Puppet Show explores the concept of assigning character roles to performers with, in this case, each Clarinetist becoming the Puppet or the Puppeteer. This three movement piece, follows the story of a Puppet craving to be free from its master. The first movement, showcases a comedic and rebellious entrance by the Puppet. But, the Puppeteer swiftly commands authority and demonstrates that they are the one in charge. The second movement explores the Puppet’s longing to be free and real. The final movement is adventurous and exciting, as the Puppet breaks free from its strings and becomes free at last.”

Winner of the 2018 Chamber Music OC's "Emerging Artist" Prize

Kaleidoscope Chamber Orchestra Call for Scores 2018-2019 Finalist

Two Bb Clarinets

Advanced Intermediate Difficulty

Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($7.99) Sheet Music Plus ($9.99)

Silence...Silence...... - Alto Saxophone & Marimba (Op. 28)

Composed for the 2019 "Iron Composer Competition" in Cortona, Italy.

Coming Soon

Alone Divided - Duet for Two Percussionists (Op. 24)

Alone Divided is an exciting duet for two mixed-percussion set-ups. Using identical instrumental set-ups and a mixture of solo, contrapuntal, and unison playing, this piece explores what it means to be alone and what it means to be divided. The audience hears music meant to evoke aggression, but also peace – as being alone and divided is not always an idea derived from aggression. The piece contains two central musical ideas, an 11 beat rhythmic pattern and a melodic theme (first introduced in the vibraphone). Both of these ideas are developed and transposed across multiple instruments (both pitched and unpitched), all evoking various concepts of being alone and divided.

Originally Commissioned for the 2018"Valencia International Performance Academy and Festival (VIPA)" in Valencia, Spain.

Two Percussionists

Intermediate Difficulty

Purchase (previews available):
Daniel Farrell Music Store ($7.99)

Star Spangled Cowboy - Pierrot Ensemble (Op. 27)

“"Star Spangled Cowboy" explores a satirical take on the traditional Hollywood "western" piece of music. Based on Atwood's poem "Backdrop Addresses Cowboy", this piece critiques the American consumerism mindset that often leads to destructive pollution. The piece makes use of performance art theatrical elements to highlight today's toxic blind patriotism (or some would argue nationalism) with a quotation of the "Star Spangled Banner". The quotation is incomplete representing that unless the corrupt and poorly managed environmental practices change, the American flag will no longer be "still there".

Pierrot Ensemble

Advanced-Intermediate Difficulty

Purchase (previews available):
Coming Soon

The Tolling of the Bells - Mixed Ensemble (Op. 26) Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Piano, Vibraphone

Commissioned for the 2019 "Cortona Sessions for New Music" in Cortona, Italy

Coming Soon

Woodwind Quintet No. 1 "The River" - (Op. 25)

“The River explores a musical setting of Mark Twain’s famed novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”. The piece is divided into three movements. The first movement - Huck Finn - paints the young protagonist of Huck Finn. Rustic scales and folk elements are used to place the listener in the early 19th century Mississippi region. The fun and bombastic theme highlights Huck’s youth and rebellious nature. This movement also symbolizes the concept of a river and the reflection one sees in its waters – as the movement’s form is palindromic with a “reflection” point occurring halfway through. The second movement – Deep River – paints the character of Jim, a runaway slave whom Huck befriends. Musically, the second movement is an arrangement of the traditional African American spiritual of the same name. The final movement – The Adventure Continues – combines both musical material from the two movements with an undercurrent of excitement as Huck and Jim set out on their quest. A small detour halfway through the piece, with a quirky bassoon solo, reflects the strange diversion in the novel with Tom Sawyer – who makes up a convoluted scenario to save Jim (despite it being a simple task). The novel ends with Huck going off into the sunset – unable to live a simple life, and the quintet ends with a similar sense of excitement and hopefulness.”

Woodwind Quintet

Advanced-Intermediate Difficulty

Purchase (previews available):
Daniel Farrell Music Store ($14.99)

Wind Band

Elemental Variations "Water, Earth, Air, Fire, & The Ether" - Wind Band (Op. 20)

“Elemental Variations explores the classical elements in a unique musical setting. The Elemental Theme, first heard in the clarinet, is developed through various musical techniques as part of a theme and variations. Each variation represents, through both the theme’s changes and the ensemble color, a different classical element. Each element variation is assigned a name: Flow of Water, Dance of Earth, Serenity of Air, and March of Fire.

Moving between each of these variations – acting as a refrain in a rondo – is the mysterious Ether. The Ether was sometimes referred to as a fifth element in classical texts and was invisible to every human sense. It was rationalized, that the Ether must be the invisible space that sound travels through. After it is introduced at the start of the piece, the Ether returns between every variation. It explores the interval of a tri-tone, with each reappearance a different modulation of chords related to each other by a tri-tone interval. The final Ether appearance has the Elemental Theme played within it. Lastly, Elemental Variations ends with a fast and brilliant coda.”
Wind Band
Intermediate Difficulty Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music ($49.99)


Waves - Orchestra (Op. 7)

"Waves is an evocative and dramatic work for Orchestra that highlights many of the colors of the ensemble. The tune, first featured in the Viola solo and then developed further along, was written in the sand at Jacksonville Beach by the composer, Daniel Farrell. Upon writing the theme, he hastily wrote that evening an early sketch of what would become Waves.

Waves is inspired musically by the minimalist movement of the 20th century. In keeping with Daniel Farrell’s signature “Neo-Romantic” style however, it is infused with the lush melodies he is known for creating. The piece features the use of an Ocean Drum, a unique percussion instrument meant to directly portray the motion of the waves. The overall structure of the work also parallels the motion of waves on a beach: gradually becoming larger and building upon itself until it reaches a heightened climax in which the wave crashes on the shore. It then recedes (as illustrated in the Flute and Viola solos) into nothingness again.

This is perfect for youth orchestras and developing high-school and early college ensembles."


Intermediate Difficulty

Purchase (previews available): Daniel Farrell Music Store ($24.99)

Symphony No. 1 "Fiat Lux"- Orchestra (Op. 21)

“Fiat Lux is not only Daniel Farrell’s farewell to Jacksonville University, but also an exploratory epic about creation itself. “Fiat Lux” is the Jacksonville University Latin motto and is commonly translated as “Let There be Light”. In this sense, the music tries to evoke the process of creation within the universe.

The opening Prelude creates an ethereal and primitive setting meant to depict the universe prior to the explosion of existence. The second movement, The Gift of Life, explores the beauty and magnificence of life and the ability to love. It is followed by the harsh and ferocious third movement, The Curse of Death and Lament for its Victims. As death eventually takes all things, it was appropriate to follow it with a musical exploration of the material of the second movement in a more mournful approach. The third movement was initially supposed to be dedicated to the victims of the Las Vegas Shooting Massacre that occurred during the writing of the symphony, however because another shooting (the Texas Church Shooting) sadly occurred so recently after (and still before the completion of the work) the third movement is instead dedicated to the 13,975 victims of gun violence in the United States from the beginning of 2017 to the completion of this work. The last movement, Let There be Light (the English translation of “Fiat Lux”) evokes the brilliance and overall majesty of the universe, as both its light and darkness are part of an ever-greater shifting of time. The movements are played without pauses in between to create an unbroken emotional journey for the listeners.

Originally Commissioned for the Jacksonville University Orchestra in fulfillment of the Delius Award in Composition


Intermediate Difficulty

Purchase (previews available):

Daniel Farrell Music Store ($64.99)